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Operating Instructions

  1. Remove helmet, stand, blue spacer tool and power supply cord from packaging.
  2. Place stand on flat level surface for correct positioning.
  3. Plug in your new Hover Helmet display stand. LED light will illuminate once proper power is obtained.
  4. Place and hold blue spacer tool on top of helmet and position between underside of upper stand and top of helmet.
  5. Once your helmet is hovering, slowly remove the spacer tool ensuring the helmet remains engaged in correct position.
  6. Slightly tap helmet mask in either direction to start perpetual rotation.

Care and Cautions

  1. The Hover Helmet is not a toy.  Please keep away from children.
  2. Keep away from damp or wet areas or surfaces.
  3. Use only approved power outlets.
  4. To clean, use a soft, damp cloth. DO NOT clean helmet or stand with alcohol based cleaners.

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