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How Does It Work?

For years, we've had our top scientists locked away working on an idea that would revolutionize sports collectibles.

Subsisting entirely on ballpark hot dogs, nachos and chicken wings, they finally cracked the code, and the Hover Helmet was born. After witnessing this incredible force of nature in person, we had to know how it worked.

Is it a fishing line? An optical illusion? Magic? Are we dreaming?
None of the above.

The patented design of the Hover Helmet uses ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE... and we don't exactly know what that entails... BUT what we do know is that the result is a free-floating, spinning helmet, no strings attached.

Sets up in seconds. Hovers and rotates indefinitely!

Step 1:
Plug in the base.

Step 2:
Hold the plastic spacer tool between the underside of upper stand, and the top of the helmet.

Step 3:
Slowly remove the
spacer tool. The
helmet should now
be hovering.

Step 4:
Gently tap the helmet to
send it slowly spinning.

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